upLIFT technology - the difference is clear to see

Translation memory with upLIFT is the next generation of translation productivity

Your translation memory (TM) is probably your most valuable asset, storing your translations so you can re-use them to speed up your translation output. The more translation matches you can find within your TMs, the higher the level of consistency and the faster you will complete your job. 

Typically, translation memory (TM) matches have been based on whole segments. However, the upLIFT technology in SDL Trados Studio includes matching based on fragments. There are additional ways to get more matches from your translation memory using upLIFT technology using ‘fragment matches’ at a sub-segment level, thereby helping with ‘no match’ and ‘fuzzy match’ scenarios.

upLIFT Fragment Recall

By enabling upLIFT technology for your translation memories, Fragment Recall will automatically offer fragment, or subsegment matches (for example, clauses and individual words) from your TM in both 'fuzzy' and 'no match' scenarios.
  • Save time and effort - fragment matches are offered automatically so there’s no need for a manual search and there is no extraction step required as newly-added translation units are available immediately for fragment recall.
  • Have confidence in the quality - matches are easy to identify as they are highlighted in both source and target (context), so you can be confident they are high quality and relevant.
  • Maximize your resources - get more matches from your Translation Memory.

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair

With increasingly short deadlines, fast project turnaround is important. Whilst current translation memory (TM) technology gives you fuzzy matches (anything below a 100% match) - post-editing these can be tedious as you have to manually amend them. 

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair intelligently uses your trusted resources to repair fuzzy matches, so you save time and get the best match possible. 

Fuzzy Match Repair can draw from a number of translation sources to perform fuzzy match repair:

  • Machine Translation
  • Termbases
  • Legacy and new translation memories.

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