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Designed to make the difference

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Professional is a complete translation environment for server and desktop.

  • It combines powerful translation memory technology with the first self-learning machine translation engine fully integrated in a CAT tool.
  • Terminology management is more streamlined and easier to use with SDL MultiTerm 2017.

Studio 2017 is designed to be scalable for your business and has quality and security features you can trust to ensure you deliver the best quality translations, in the fastest time and at the best cost for your clients.

Watch the five-minute introductory video.

Download a 30-day free trial

Try a fully functional Studio 2017 Professional free for 30-days and make use off all the features available in our leading translation environment used by over 250,000 language professionals.

Get help with solving your project manager challenges

Studio 2017 is now better than ever with Service Release 1 (SR1)!

  • Never wait for translation memory, termbase or machine translation results - LookAhead technology fills in the next segment immediately for both desktop and remote TMs.
  • Unprecedented leverage from your TM with a host of enhancements to the innovative upLIFT Fragment Recall and Fuzzy Repair features.
  • An easier way to work with embedded content as well as numerous improvements to file type handling.

Improve your translation productivity

Translation memory software is at the core of Studio 2017. It includes innovative upLIFT technology, which provides more accurate, intelligent fragment matches and will repair fuzzy matches using your trusted sources to speed up translating.

In addition, you can now access transformational machine translation (MT) with AdaptiveMT, powered by the secure SDL Language Cloud. AdaptiveMT engines intelligently self-learn from post-edits during the translation process so that MT output is specific to your business’s style, content and terminology.

Enhance your output quality

Quality can be monitored and controlled in Studio 2017 Professional by combining the use of your usual quality standards, together with Studio’s automatic Quality Assurance features and Translation Quality Assessment (TQA), to measure and score the quality of your translations and your translation suppliers.

Use the Alignment feature to align previously translated target texts with their corresponding source text and import them into your translation memory for future use. In addition, the Retrofit feature captures any post-translation changes made to the final target text, so they can be added to your translation memory to maintain quality.

SDL Trados Studio is trusted by 250,000 translation professionals as their preferred computer assisted translation (CAT) tool.

SDL Trados Studio 2017 for project managers

Studio 2017 Professional contains all the features needed for project managers to define their own processes, such as the ability to create projects and assign tasks, produce reports plus have full visibility over what individual translators have done with each document. 

With the latest file format support, including scanned PDF documents, it is possible to accept the widest range of jobs.

upLIFT technology - transform your TMs

upLIFT is a new technology that works on the subsegment, or fragment level. upLIFT Fragment Recall finds fragments from your translation memory to offer matches even when there is no full or fuzzy match from the translation memory. upLIFT Fuzzy Repair will cleverly repair fuzzy matches automatically using your trusted project resources, including upLIFT Fragment Recall results, termbases and Machine Translation.

*Limited functionality in Asian languages.

AdaptiveMT - transformational machine translation

SDL's AdaptiveMT is the first fully integrated adaptive machine translation within a CAT tool. The AdaptiveMT engines learn from your post edits, so that MT output is specific to your business’s style, content and terminology. In addition, you can measure the difference it makes to your translation projects with enhanced reporting functionality.

*Languages available: English - to French, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish. More language options will be available soon.

Innovative server technology to efficiently share translation assets

Studio 2017 Professional enables management of your own or your clients’ translation assets through server technology with SDL Trados GroupShare. Use our collaboration workspace to share translation memories, terminology databases (termbases) and projects.

The new My SDL Trados companion app

Download your personal mobile resource for SDL Trados Studio. The My SDL Trados app allows you to stay in touch with the latest SDL news, SDL Trados Studio product information and have all the Studio resources you need in one place. Don't miss out on another way to improve your CAT tool translation productivity.

Video Tutorials

Watch the step-by-step video guide that demonstrates individual features of Studio 2017 Professional.

What Studio users are saying

  • Andrew White
    The new Advanced Display Filter is great!
  • Nora Diaz
    Freelance Translator and Interpreter
    With Fuzzy Match Repair, simple TU corrections such as term replacements or punctuation fixes are now handled automatically. I can simply sit back and watch the magic happen!
  • Christine Bruckner
    The move to AdaptiveMT is very exciting, both from the translator's perspective (it enables more influence on/better results from MT proposals) and from the LSP perspective.
  • Emma Goldsmith
    Medical Translator
    I like the way dragging a single file highlights the "translate single doc" option and dragging several files highlights the "create project" option. That's nice.
  • Gemma Smith
    Translation Project Manager
    I like the new button labels in the TM window - I think the changes will definitely help newbies!
  • Horst-Helge Liefers
    Business Owner and Consultant
    The Advanced Filter can do so much more than I realized at a glimpse. This Advanced Filter is great!
  • Nora Diaz
    Freelance Translator and Interpreter
    The fact that Studio 2017 makes whole TU fragment matching immediately available for every TM is an incredible productivity boost. By further preparing a TM for TU fragment matching, the gains are multiplied even further.
  • Justin Pickering
    Translator and Motivational Speaker
    Blaine & Gonzalez
    Thank you for helping me take my translation business to the next level.