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Key features

Our robust core translation memory (TM) software continues to evolve as SDL Trados Studio 2017 introduces the transformational development of upLIFT technology, making a major shift in the effectiveness of your TMs. You will also find the innovative self-learning machine translation tool, AdaptiveMT and user enhancements to the integrated terminology management features of SDL MultiTerm 2017. 

In addition there are a number of small changes that make a big difference. Take a look at a summary of the new functionality below, it is designed to dramatically make the difference to your productivity, translation quality and your work space. Our objective is to help keep you competitive and maintain your efficiency, so that you can stay ahead with your translation business.

New features in SDL Trados Studio 2017 Freelance

upLIFT Fragment Recall

upLIFT Fragment Recall offers fragment suggestions directly from your translation memory in real time, when you have no full or fuzzy TM match.

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair uses matches from all your trusted project resources, such as translation memories, termbases and machine translation, to automatically repair fuzzy matches. 


AdaptiveMT, powered by Language Cloud, learns from your post-edits so that machine translation is specific to your tone, terminology and style. Edit and save MT suggestions to adapt your MT output in real time and see the learning in future results. 

To keep up-to-date with the language pairs available, please click here.

Merge segments

Studio 2017 allows you to merge segments, even those separated by hard returns.

Advanced display filters

You can now apply multiple display filters and even save your own custom filters in Studio 2017.

File Type Filter Preview

In Studio 2017 it is now possible to preview documents using custom or in-built file filters directly from the File Types window – saving time when testing your file types.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop files for translation and review onto your Studio 2017 home screen to start working straight away. This feature requires Internet Explorer version 10 and above, to be enabled.

Right click to start

Another way to start translating in Studio is to right click on a single or multiple files from your desktop or from Windows Explorer.

Language pairs

Studio 2017 will remember recently used languages and present these next time you start Studio and allows you to reverse the language pair direction with a simple click.



Directly update TMs from your target file - whatever the file type. Save time and minimize errors caused by manual updates!

AutoSuggest 2.0

AutoSuggest offers words and phrases in the target language from your TMs - including concordance search results, upLIFT Fragment Recall matches and fuzzy matches - as well as from other resources such as, machine translation and termbases. 

Now available for Japanese, Chinese and Korean!


Get even more from your TMs - reverse language direction, add language flavour or combine a variety of source languages to translate into one single file.


Faster and error-free typing thanks to automatic correction of misspelled words - just like in Microsoft Word!

Enhanced new file format support, including scanned PDFs!

We provide the most extensive file format support available. Now work with even more file types including scanned PDF documents and bilingual Excel files!

SDL AppStore

Customize your Studio and extend its functionality further with apps from SDL AppStore, the industry's first app store!

Integrated terminology management

Integration with SDL MultiTerm to ensure terminology accuracy. New in Studio 2017 is a more intuitive terminology UI, for quick and easy addition and update of terms.

QuickPlace for maximized efficiency

Quickly insert formatting, tags, placeables and numbers into a target segment.

Real-time preview

Easily generate a document preview to see the status of your translation as you type.


Allows any number of files to be quickly merged together into a single file. Possible at any stage during the translation process.

Open project packages instantly

Open and work with project packages to include files, such as translation memories and termbases.

Connect to machine translation

Instant access to machine translation (MT) engines, including SDL Language Cloud MT, from a secure and reliable environment.

Insert symbols & special characters

Save time by quickly inserting your most used special characters and symbols directly from the Studio ribbon.

Edit source segments

Fix any minor errors to the source text in Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint files.

Drag-and-drop files in to the Editor

Drag-and-drop files directly from your computer desktop into the editor environment.

Context Match

Provides "beyond 100%" matches by recognizing location and context to deliver the best translation.

Bookmark your translations

Just like with web pages! Mark up a segment and easily access it next time - increase efficiency!

Automatic Concordance Search

Offers relevant translation suggestions for words or groups of words based on existing results from within the translation memory.

Automated project preparation

Automatically prepare project files, with a customizable project wizard that takes care of the most repetitive tasks.

Powerful document alignment

Create translation memories from previously translated documents. Review and editing functionality is also available.


Enhanced Quality Assurance Checker

Highlight potential errors including punctuation, terminology and inconsistencies.

Track Changes

Easily accept or decline changes within a translated document - this works in a similar way to Microsoft® Word Track Changes.

Integrated terminology management

Integration with SDL MultiTerm to ensure terminology accuracy.

Microsoft Word spell checking

Choose between Hunspell or Microsoft® Word dictionaries.

Review outside of Studio

Review can be performed in Microsoft® Word. Comments and changes can be imported back into Studio after review.


Word counts, analysis and reports are automatically created and stored to help with project planning and budgeting.


Ribbon personalization

Create your own Studio ribbon tabs across all views so only the tools needed are visible and grouped into relevant areas for particular tasks (e.g. translation or review).

SDL AppStore

Customize your Studio and extend its functionality further with apps from SDL AppStore, the industry's first app store!