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Translation software trusted by over 250,000 translation professionals worldwide

SDL Trados Studio provides a wealth of innovative features that help users translate content faster, improve translation quality, simplify project creation and make light work of review.

Browse through the tabs below to discover more about the features that make Studio the most popular CAT tool in the world.

Increasing Productivity
Maintaining Quality
Project Management

Translation Memory (TM)

This is the technology at the heart of SDL Trados Studio. It records and stores your translated content, which is then made available for reuse - helping you complete translation projects faster. The more you add to your Translation Memory, the faster you can translate subsequent translations, as the ever-growing database provides 'matches' found in your TM. Using translation memories not only increases your productivity, but also drives consistency and quality within your translated content.

If you haven’t used a translation memory before, you can easily create a new one in Studio. You can also use multiple translation memories in Studio, combining your own work with any existing TMs that have been supplied by your client.

New: On-demand tips and tutorials

From the moment you open Studio 2019, it will guide you through what you need to do to get translating quickly. Tips, tricks and tutorial videos, relevant to your location within Studio, are available on-demand. They help new users learn how to use features and experienced users discover new functionality.

New: 'Tell me' technology

Type a word or phrase describing what you need to do in the 'Tell Me' search field at the top of the ribbon. Studio 2019 intelligently suggests commands, options and settings that you might want to access. Clicking on a suggestion takes you directly to it - cutting out unnecessary keystrokes and saves time searching through menus.


Accelerate your translation speed through intelligent suggestions while you type with AutoSuggest. Simply select the word or phrase from your list of suggestions and save time by avoiding unnecessary keystrokes.

Concordance search

Concordance search enables you to search the translation memory for a particular word or phrase in both source and target.

upLIFT Fragment Recall

upLIFT Fragment Recall delivers automatic, intelligent fragment matches from your Translation Memories, or sub-segment matches (for example, clauses and individual words) from your TM in both 'fuzzy' and 'no match' scenarios.

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair

upLIFT Fuzzy Repair intelligently uses your trusted resources to repair fuzzy matches, to save you time and get the best match possible. upLIFT Fuzzy Repair can draw from a number of translation sources to perform fuzzy match repair including; Machine Translation, Termbases, legacy and new translation memories.

Discover more powerful features in Studio 2019

Read about even more of the features that boost translation productivity in the latest edition of the world leading translation tool.


If you have previously translated documents and are now using SDL Trados Studio to translate, you can use the alignment tool to match your source and target language files, meaning you can build up your translation memory database.

You can create powerful translation memories from any file type using the integrated alignment technology.


Get maximum leverage from your TM by reversing its language direction or even by combining mixed-source language documents to translate into one target language.

Dynamic ribbon customization

Personalize your ribbon across all views, mix and match your preferred features across the tabs and the 'Quick Access Toolbar' with your most needed commands.


Translations can be bookmarked as you work by marking or commenting on any segment. Bookmarks are easy to manage through a separate window, and translators and reviewers can jump to the last edited segment when they open a bilingual file.

Terminology Management

Our industry research told us that translation quality is the most important factor in any project and that the top reason for translation rework is inconsistent use of terminology!

Having a tool that ensures you are using accurate and consistent terminology helps you create high quality translations and increases productivity by reducing translation rework. SDL MultiTerm is the most sophisticated terminology solution in the industry and is included when you purchase SDL Trados Studio. SDL MultiTerm can be used as a standalone application or as part of SDL Trados Studio.

SDL Language Cloud Terminology is our easy-to-use terminology management solution in the cloud which is also available from Studio 2019 (with Service Release 1) for free, or through a monthly subscription where termbases can additionally be shared and imported and exported from and to Excel. Learn more about our SDL Language Cloud Terminology packages here.

Extensive file type support

Studio provides the most extensive file format support available to help make the translation process as simple as possible. This includes Microsoft Office, PDFs (even if they are scanned), Adobe In-design, HTML, XML and many more!

Bilingual Excel

Studio can easily process and recognize multilingual content found within Microsoft® Excel files. Simply specify which columns of the spreadsheet contain the source and target text.

PDF OCR Reader

Easily translate scanned PDF's using Studio's default Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Solid Documents, or download the free IRIS OCR plugin from the SDL AppStore for extended support in over 130 different languages.

Translation Memory editing and maintenance

Keeping your Translation Memories (TMs) in the best possible condition assures high quality translations. In Studio's 'TM maintenance' view, you can examine up to 1000 Translation Units (TUs) per page and quickly navigate to a specific area in your TM. This makes it easy to do any required edits and keep your most prized assets up-to-date with the latest, most accurate translations.

QA checks and reports

SDL Trados Studio offers a comprehensive range of quality assurance (QA) checks that automate the process of verifying translated files, including: punctuation, tags, numbers, dates, terminology and much more. You can either real-time check as you translate or final batch verification.

New: Language specific QA checking

You can customize the quality assurance (QA) settings for each language pair you work with to increase your flexibility and control over QA checks.

Discover more powerful features in Studio 2019

Read about even more of the features that boost translation productivity in the latest edition of the world leading translation tool.

Merging segments

Ensure your source text is correct by easily merging segments together — even across paragraphs

Edit source segments

Make quick edits to the source text to fix, for example, a spelling mistake or incorrectly scanned characters.

Real time preview

For common file types, it is possible to generate a document preview to see the status of your translation as you type. This is a great way to keep track of how your target document is looking whilst working within the translation editor.

Advanced Display Filters

Speed up your review with customizable display filters designed to streamline your review and sign off process.

Spell Checking and AutoCorrect

Enjoy greater speed and accuracy with automatic spell-checking and error correction. This works in exactly the same way as Microsoft® Word.


Apply text formatting, tags, placeables and variable elements such as numbers, dates and times to the text in your target language.


Automatically update your bilingual file from a reviewed target file and import the latest changes to your TM to streamline the review process, whilst keeping your TM up-to-date.

Track Changes

Working the same way as Microsoft® Word's Track Changes, you can confidently review and easily accept or decline changes as you go, giving full review control.

New: One-step project wizard

When you use a project template, setting up a project is fast as everything you need is available on one easy screen. For new projects, the wizard takes you through the process with a 'metro map' showing where you are in the process. You can define languages, add translation resources and refine project settings. The process is flexible allowing you to skip steps if you don't need them.

New: Easy mid-project updates

Being sent new or updated files mid-project can be frustrating and re-configuring the files, time consuming. In Studio, adding and updating specific files mid-project is a quick and pain-free process. Simply open the project, update the files, details or settings, and if necessary, rerun or change the batch tasks without losing any of the translation work you've already done.

Project packages

SDL Trados Studio makes it easy for you to work on projects for clients who also work with Studio. When you open a project package from a client, it opens instantly into Studio with everything included (files to translate, translation resources e.g. TMs, termbases etc.) so you can easily start translating. This capability makes it easy for translation clients to work with you, therefore creating more opportunities for you to gain more work and earn more money.


Powerful reporting provides detailed information that helps with your project planning such as how much leverage you can gain from your translation resources - a breakdown of translation matches and where the matches come from. This helps with both time and cost management.

SDL AppStore

SDL AppStore is the translation industry’s only app store and where you can find a range of free add-ons. 

With over 250 apps to choose from, there's a variety of different apps to customize and extend the functionality of your SDL software. Downloading an app is easy — just click on the download button, sign into your SDL Account and follow the installer instructions. 

Open access to our Software Development Kit (SDK) can be found on the Developer Hub. The SDK allows developers to build bespoke apps, or integrations to other software, either for internal use or to share with others on the SDL AppStore.