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The complete translation environment for translation professionals

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Freelance is the leading translation software for language professionals who want to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application.

Used by over 250,000 professionals - when you choose Studio - you become part of the largest translation community in the world.

Watch the five-minute introductory video.

Download a 30-day free trial

Try a fully functional Studio 2017 free for 30-days and make use off all the features available in our leading translation environment used by translators all over the world.

Increase translation productivity

Studio 2017 provides the most extensive translation toolkit and includes new ways to work faster by getting the most from your translation assets than has ever been possible.

  • Re-use previously translated content: complete projects faster with powerful translation memory technology used by over 80% of the translation supply chain
  • Even smarter translation memory: upLIFT technology included in Studio 2017 surpasses conventional translation memory by providing suggestions for both the “no match” and “fuzzy match” scenarios
  • Translate new content faster with transformational machine translation (MT): AdaptiveMT self-learns from your post-edits from job to job so that MT output is unique to your style, content and terminology
  • Get smart suggestions as you type: reduce typing and keystrokes with the innovative SDL AutoSuggest 2.0

Enhance your translation quality

Studio 2017 also helps ensure your translation projects are of the highest quality, for maximum customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Automated and real-time quality assurance (QA) checks highlight translation errors including terminology inconsistencies, as well as grammatical and formatting errors
  • Always deliver the right terminology: ensure consistency throughout your translations with integrated SDL MultiTerm 2017. Please note: MultiTerm is included for free, and will be available to download from your SDL account, when you purchase an SDL Trados Studio Freelance license.
  • Enjoy error-free typing thanks to automatic correction of misspelled words with AutoCorrect - just like in Microsoft Word
  • Use advanced display filters to effectively navigate through your translations when reviewing them

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Save €200 on SDL Trados Studio 2017 today and get Studio 2019 on release + FREE AutoSuggest Creator (worth €200) + a FREE exclusive training webinar!

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ROI Calculator

See how Studio 2017 Freelance can boost your freelance businesses revenue with our return-on-investment (ROI) calculator.

Personalize your translation tool

The ability to customize your translation environment is key for productivity and efficiency.

  • Make Studio 2017 suit your way of working: reposition the Editor, select layout colors, build your own ribbons and define your own keyboard shortcuts that best suit your way of working
  • Personalize Studio 2017 for increased productivity: group features and functions by particular tasks (e.g. translation or review) and make the most needed commands easily accessible
  • Extend Studio 2017 functionality: go beyond Studio 2017 by downloading additional plug-ins from SDL AppStore - the industry's first online app store


Easy to get started

Studio 2017 has been designed to be intuitive, so you can get started as soon as possible. However, if you do need a little guidance on the way - no problem - we have many resources to help:

Video Tutorials

Watch the step-by-step video guide that demonstrates individual features of Studio 2017.

What Studio users are saying

  • Nora Diaz
    Freelance Translator and Interpreter
    I think the simplest reason to choose Studio is that it's a solid business decision. As a freelancer, if you want to play in the Big Leagues, you need Big League tools. Having Studio is a basic pre-requisite to be considered for jobs with many large clients, so Studio will open opportunities for you that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Investing the time and money needed to own and become proficient in an industry-leading tool such as Studio tells potential customers that you take this profession seriously.
  • Alexandros Tsouris
    Freelance Translator
    Now that I have started working with Studio, I have seen a huge difference in my productivity! Spending some time to properly prepare a project, building relevant termbases, leveraging translation memories and aligning legacy documents to build new ones, have made me much faster and more efficient.
  • Emma Goldsmith
    Medical Translator
    SDL Trados Studio is an essential part of my workflow. With Studio, I have everything I need: terminology consistency, reference to past jobs, faster typing and QA checking as I go. After using SDL Trados Studio almost every day since its launch in 2009, I can assure you that it’s easy to use from scratch, but much more satisfying when you get to know all the ins and outs.
  • Anna Cribley
    Freelance Translator
    I use termbases and translation memories all the time and that helps me deliver high quality translations to my clients.
  • Jadwiga Ruchlewska
    Freelance Translator
    It just works miracles. When I find a term or a longer phrase in a sentence that I have translated before, it just extracts it and I can just click and insert it into the new sentence, so it does really speed up my work a lot.
  • Patrizia Pasquazi
    Freelance Translator
    Overall, Studio is a great product that comes with a comprehensive package of information, helping people of all levels of experience and skills to use the software. As always, the whole upgrade process was very easy and done in a few clicks. The resources that are provided with new Studio versions are always extremely helpful, including various apps that increase productivity and webinars where new features of Studio 2017 are introduced and explained.
  • Jesse Good
    You cannot find all of the features that Trados Studio has in any other CAT tool. With the developer program, Trados Studio is the only CAT tool I know that you can fully customize. With its customizability, Trados Studio can fit into any translation workflow.
  • Lucia Horea
    Freelance Translator
    SDL Trados Studio 2017 Freelance has stood out to me in particular through its wide array of features which are specifically designed to boost the productivity of my work as a translator, such as its new transformational machine translation, AdaptiveMT, and its Language Cloud machine translation service. In addition, my translation process has been significantly improved by the new LookAhead translation memory technology, which automatically fills in the next segment for me before I have even had time to think about it!
  • Brahim Ghoul
    Freelance Translator
    One of the most important things when it comes to translation is consistency. SDL Trados has helped me produce high-quality work regarding terminology and style in ways that are almost impossible to achieve using more basic tools. That comes in handy when dealing with large projects, and I warmly thank SDL for this convenient software solution.