SDL Trados Studio

Editions Comparison Table

Use this feature comparison table to find out the differences between SDL Trados Studio Professional, Freelance and Starter editions.
Ideal for
Freelance translators
Occasional translators
Translating single files
Create file-based translation memory (TM)
Open multiple TMs at a time
Open unlimited termbases
*1. (See note at bottom of table)
Single document translation
Trados Word bilingual files
Unlimited languages supported at once
5 languages simultaneously
5 languages simultaneously
Unlimited TM size
Limited to 5,000 Translation Units (approx. 50,000 words) for use, but unlimited when receiving packages
Multiple files / languages translation
Customizable tasks
Full batch task functionality
Project wizard to automatically prepare multiple files / languages projects
SDL Package support
Create SDL Packages
Email SDL Packages
Open SDL Enterprise Systems - Packages (TMS / TeamWorks / WorldServer) without restrictions (excluding AutoSuggest)
Open SDL Packages from Professional version without restrictions (excluding AutoSuggest)
'Tell me' technology
Key Features
upLIFT Fragment Recall
upLIFT Fuzzy Repair
Alignment based TM Creation
AutoSuggest (Create)
AutoSuggest (Use)
*2. (See note at bottom of table)
Customizable Ribbon
Machine translation
*3. (See note at bottom of table)
PerfectMatch (Create)
PerfectMatch (Use)
Real-time preview
Reports view
TM engine
TM maintenance
Translation Quality Assessment
Termbase creation (add / edit terms)
*4. (See note at bottom of table)
Upgrade legacy TM formats
Use of server-based projects
Use of server-based TMs
*4. (See note at bottom of table)
Apps from SDL AppStore
Includes SDL MultiTerm
Software Development Kits
Works on company networks (Domain based)
SDL Support Available
License type
Yearly subscription
Edition price
  1. It can access termbases if they are inside a Studio package.
  2. It can use AutoSuggest if the AutoSuggest resources are inside a Studio package.
  3. It can access machine translation if the machine translation string is provided inside a Studio package.
  4. It can access server-based translation memories (TMs) if they are referred to inside a Studio package or used as part of a published GroupShare project.