Pre-translating a file with machine translation (MT) in the SDL Online Editor

Pre-translating files with MT in the Online Editor is only available in the following language combinations:

Western Europe
Danish to EnglishEnglish to HausaEnglish to RussianGerman to English
Dutch to EnglishEnglish to HebrewEnglish to SpanishGerman to French
English to AlbanianEnglish to HindiEnglish to SomaliGerman to Spanish
English to ArabicEnglish to HungarianEnglish to SerbianGreek to English
English to BengaliEnglish to IndonesianEnglish to SlovakItalian to English
English to BulgarianEnglish to ItalianEnglish to SlovenianItalian to Spanish
English to Chinese (Simplified)English to JapaneseEnglish to SwedishNorwegian to English
English to Chinese (Traditional)English to KoreanEnglish to ThaiPortuguese to English
English to CzechEnglish to LatvianEnglish to TurkishSpanish to English
English to DanishEnglish to LithuanianEnglish to UkrainianSpanish to Arabic
English to DutchEnglish to MalayEnglish to UrduSpanish to French
English to EstonianEnglish to NorwegianEnglish to VietnameseSpanish to German
English to FinnishEnglish to PolishFrench to EnglishSwedish to English
English to FrenchEnglish to PortugueseFrench to ArabicEnglish to Croatian
English to GermanEnglish to PersianFrench to SpanishEnglish to Maltese
English to GreekEnglish to RomanianFrench to GermanMaltese to English
English to PashtoFinnish to EnglishSpanish to Italian
Eastern Europe
Albanian to EnglishHungarian to EnglishRomanian to EnglishSlovenian to English
Bulgarian to EnglishLatvian to EnglishRussian to EnglishUkrainian to English
Czech to EnglishLithuanian to EnglishSlovak to EnglishCroatian to English
Estonian to EnglishPolish to EnglishSerbian to English
Middle East & Africa
Arabic to EnglishHausa to EnglishPersian to English
Arabic to SpanishHebrew to EnglishSomali to English
Arabic to FrenchPashto to EnglishTurkish to English
Bengali to EnglishHindi to EnglishKorean to EnglishUrdu to English
Chinese to (Simplified) EnglishIndonesian to EnglishMalay to EnglishVietnamese to English
Chinese to (Traditional) EnglishJapanese to EnglishThai to English