Solving the top 4 translation
project management challenges

Project management is an integral part of the translation process. As a Project Manager you will be dealing with multiple projects, people and priorities at any one time, so you need technology you can rely on to help you get the job done. Here is how to tackle some of the most common project management challenges, as well as a look at how technology can make the difference.

1. Using spreadsheets and email to manage projects

Is keeping track of translation projects by using multiple spreadsheets a familiar story? Plus the constant back and forth of emails, all adding to the administrative burden. With SDL Trados GroupShare project admin is greatly reduced. It simplifies the complexity of managing projects with a real-time online dashboard plus automated email notifications as the job moves through the workflow.

2. Time pressures

Project Managers deal with multiple projects and demands on their time on a daily basis. The good news is that there are small changes that you can make in how you manage your time that will have a big impact. We've joined forces with project and time management expert Romina Kohei who has developed a Quick Guide '11 tips on effective time management for project managers' to help you regain control of your time.

3. Having to work with new or complex file types

“We have a new type of document we need translated” is something project managers don’t often like to hear. Whether it is a file type you haven’t dealt with before or one you have had trouble with in the past, the extra time it takes to deal with them can be significant. Read the blog by Lydia Simplicio, SDL Business Consultant where she discusses her hints and tips for dealing with complex file types.

4. Building relationships with external vendors

In the high-pressure translation industry, a good working relationship with external providers is crucial, but with numerous vendors to juggle it can be a challenge. So, how do you build and maintain good working relationships? To find out we talked to Mark and Marie-Odile who told us about their experience of working together. Read the blog for their views on the important qualities for a good working relationship.

Translation project management for beginners

If you are new to translation project management or new to using translation technology as a whole, this webcast is the place to start. We take a look at which technology is the best fit for your project managemnt needs, including live demonstrations of SDL Trados Studio and SDL Trados GroupShare.

How to simplify translation project management with GroupShare

SDL Trados GroupShare takes project management to the next level making it easier for translation teams of all sizes to collaborate efficiently. Watch this webcast to see GroupShare in action including how it simplifies workflows to make the difference in your business.
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