SDL globalReview

Ensure sustainable quality through the translation review process

globalReview communicationSDL globalReview supports all stakeholders in the review process, to work together, using one intuitive web interface to combine quality assessment, strategic quality tracking and in-layout editing. It enables proactive management of your content quality with objective, reliable and intelligent insights. It can be added as an enhancement for collaborative review of projects within SDL Trados Studio.

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Simple, integrated environment

SDL globalReview is an easy to use web-based platform requiring no specialist knowledge. It helps you to work efficiently with complex and varied file types, either online or in-layout. In addition, the free SDL Trados Studio plugin means that Studio projects can easily be transferred to globalReview and all changes are automatically fed back to the SDLXLIFF file so no changes need to be added manually.
globalReview simple
globalReview complete insight

Complete insight

SDL globalReview gives you a quality assessment of individual changes according to configurable client-specific quality criteria, such as mistranslations, terminology or stylistic errors. This provides an error score with business intelligence data to give a reliable quality perspective. Every stakeholder has an objective overview of the language quality; while potential for improvement is clearly shown.


Ensure collaboration and avoid clashes between the translator, reviewer, project manager and the end client throughout the review process. SDL globalReview allows all stakeholders to provide and receive actionable feedback on translations so that quality can be managed proactively from one central location in real time. Alternatively use the SDL globalReview Studio Plugin to upload a complete project to globalReview for quality assessment from within SDL Trados Studio.

A new way of working

Shift from quality control after the translation to quality assessment during the review process. Use ‘content profiles’ to define the required review intensity for each client, service provider or reviewer. Get intelligent insights from each content profile based on the overall error rate, allowing you to focus on problematic areas.
globalReview new ways of working

Fronius uses SDL globalReview

The Austrian export giant Fronius uses SDL globalReview to achieve the highest possible quality for their translated content. Fronius exports more than 90% of their products and decided on SDL globalReview to help optimize the translation and review processes as well as actively managing terminology in 23 languages.

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