Self-paced, 2 hour, eLearning course

eLearning offers participants the ability to learn at their own pace. SDL are pleased to offer our SDL Trados Studio Getting Started – Translating course in an eLearning format. The course is modular in structure allowing time to absorb information before proceeding to a new topic. The course, accessed via our SDL University learning portal, can be viewed again as needed, providing a valuable tool to refresh knowledge.

*Please note - the eLearning training is only available in English

SDL Trados Studio Getting Started Translating

This course is designed for users who want to become familiar with SDL Trados Studio 2019 quickly and start working productively from day one.

The course consists of three modules. The first module introduces CAT tool technology and the Translation Process.

The remaining two modules present the core features of Studio while translating a Word and PowerPoint document.

There are sample documents available which are linked to within the modules and these can be used if you wish to practice using the application after the course.

In addition access to a companion SDL Trados Studio Getting Started Translating training manual is provided via the Resources section of the course.

A certificate of completion is available to download upon completion of all three modules. This course provides some of the topics attendees need to pass their SDL Trados Studio 2019 Getting Started exam.

Topics covered during the course

1. An introduction to Computer-Assisted Technology (CAT) tools and the Translation Process

  • What CAT technologies are and the benefits they can bring to your work projects. Including the 3 components of CAT Tool technology.
  • The Translation Process and where the different databases (Translation Memory, termbase & AutoSuggest dictionary) fit in.

2. Translating a Word document

  • Starting Studio
  • Studio Interface
  • Selecting a file
  • Creating a Translation Memory
  • Select a termbase
  • Change Font Size
  • Explaining Segments
  • Start translating
  • Matches
  • Number Substitution
  • Placeables
  • Apply formatting
  • Active term recognition
  • Quick place
  • Saving a file
  • Context Information
  • Tag
  • Copy All Remaining Segments to Target
  • Static Preview
  • Embedded Preview
  • Save Target
  • Close File

3. Translating a PowerPoint document

  • Open File
  • AutoSuggest Dictionary
  • Dates
  • Edit Source Content
  • Concordance Search
  • Merging Segments
  • Save Target

eLearning courses are on demand, there is no interaction with a trainer or other class attendees.

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Barbara Peters
Barbara Peters
Marketing translator, copywriter and PR consultant
"Very easy to follow. All the important stuff was there. Very good for first time translators with Trados."
Ralph Fanola
Ralph Fanola
Senior Spanish Linguist & Interpreter
"I learned so much from this course. This was the best course ever! Now I feel confident in that I can start using SDL Trados Studio finally the way I was supposed to use it for the first time!!! Thank you SDL University!!! :)"