Kick-start your business year by setting three personal challenges

Invest time in developing yourself, take 90 days to work towards your transformation goals by taking advantage of our free resources.

Start here - download the SDL Translator Transformation coaching plan and track your progress. Each activity will earn you points and if you earn 150 points, you will be rewarded with a 90 Day Translator Transformation Certificate of Achievement. This will demonstrate your dedication to professional development and will be a mark of your success! 

Send your completed coaching plan to to receive your certificate of achievement.

Don't delay, start today...

Make these your three personal challenges for 2018:

  1. Transforming your freelance business by taking advice from industry experts
  2. Extending your skill set by becoming an expert in terminology
  3. Mastering the world's leading translation software by attending a FREE SDL Trados training session

Check out the tabs below to find the resources that will support your 90 day challenge and help you achieve your transformation goals.

1. Expert industry advice
2. Master terminology
3. FREE SDL Trados online training
Special Offers

Corinne McKay

How to make 2018 your best year yet: Productivity, professional development, and work-life balance as a translator

As a freelance translator, you need a productivity, professional development and work/life balance strategy in order to thrive. If you feel perpetually in survival mode, this webinar will help you formulate a concrete plan for the upcoming year. Yes, it's possible to be healthier, happier, and more productive...let's get started together!

Presenter: Corinne McKay, American Translators Association President

Nora Diaz

Increase your translation speed in 2018 with voice recognition software

In this webinar, we will explore how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice recognition within SDL Trados Studio to achieve tasks such as dictating text and controlling the program by voice. The session will include demonstrations and clear explanations to get started with voice recognition.

Presenter: Nora Diaz, Freelance Translator

Tips and tricks 200x200

Tips and tricks from a translator: Get more from the world's leading translation software

This webinar will cover a range of topics to make working with SDL Trados Studio easier and more productive. From simple tips such as shortcut customization and easy access to progress statistics to more advanced ones such as ensuring consistency via concordance, filtering and verification, the content will focus on tasks that simplify the work of the translator.

Presenter: Nora Diaz, Freelance Translator

Tess Whitty

5 steps for translators to find direct clients

Many freelance translators want to know how to find direct clients. In this practical webinar, you will go through a 5 step process to define, find and market to your ideal direct clients. You will also receive tips on the marketing methods that seem to work best, and how to use them (warm email prospecting, LinkedIn, Website and Twitter). You will also receive a worksheet and checklist to get you started.

Presenter: Tess Whitty, Freelance Translator and established speaker/trainer at conferences

Gabriele Sauberer

What translators need to know about quality in 2018

In this webinar, you will learn everything you need to about quality in the translation industry, from the ISO 17100 standard to quality measurements of translated texts. An experienced quality auditor will share with you the global criteria of and requirements for quality translations and translation services.

Presenter: Gabriele Sauberer, Experienced translation quality auditor

Optimize time

Webinar & handout:
Optimize your work processes to do more in less time

This webinar looks at how business owners can optimize work processes to do more in less time, including: Running your business instead of having your business run you; finding more time to grow your business; dealing with deadly productivity killers and how to avoid them, as well as why multitasking doesn't work and what you can do instead.

Presenter: Romina Kohei, Business Trainer and Consultant

Terminology can be simply described as a vocabulary of words, terms and phrases that are used for a specific industry, organization, or field of study. Learn about how best to work with terminology in the world's leading translation software - SDL Trados Studio.

Develop your skills with SDL Training

Throughout March 2018, SDL offered free three-hour training courses on SDL Trados Studio. The offer has now come to an end. However, we continue to offer both introductory and advanced learning through classroom training and self-paced eLearning.

Investing in training enables you to gain maximum benefits from your technology investment.

Special offers on the world’s leading CAT tool

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