Best practice training on SDL Trados Studio

Join our free online training series this March

Learn how to save time and increase efficiency throughout the project management and translation process

To help you tackle the increasing pressures on time and costs experienced by many LSPs today, this March we're hosting free SDL Trados Studio best practice online training.

Designed for both project managers and translators, this three-part series will help you spot and reduce productivity-blockers whilst learning how to make the most of Studio's powerful efficiency-boosting features.

Presented in English, German, French and Spanish by industry experts, sign up now below. The live training will also include a chance to ask any questions you have in a Q&A session.

LSP Team

Part 1: Best practices for project preparation

If you're involved with preparing files or setting up projects, this session will show you how to save time on these tasks using a variety of features in SDL Trados Studio. Our expert trainer will cover:

Useful file preparation tips and advice
Selecting the appropriate file type, and adapting it to your clients' needs
How to handle embedded content within files
Automating and speeding up project creation
Using Studio's PerfectMatch feature to leverage previously translated files.

Part 2: Best practices for getting the most out of your TM, MT and terminology

Ideal for anyone interested in learning tips and tricks to gain more leverage from their translation resources, this session will help you:

Combine working with translation memory (TM), machine translation (MT) and terminology to achieve the best output
Manage and maintain TMs more efficiently
Learn the difference between a project TM and a main TM, and what scenarios they are suited for
Use your client's terminology to produce higher quality translations that require less rework.

LSP Team
LSP Team

Part 3: Best practices for the post-translation phase

Designed for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the quality assurance (QA) process, project completion, and post-translation admin, this session will cover:

How to optimize and save time reviewing translations
A step-by-step guide through Studio's verification tools to help reduce errors
Best practices for updating translation memories after a completed project
How to solve file conversion issues when producing the target documents for your clients.