Free GDPR resources

GDPR and Your Use of SDL Translation Software

Enforceable from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new law on data privacy for individuals living in the EU and all businesses processing personal data in the EU.

As with many other IT solutions, your use of SDL software may involve the capture, processing, storage or transmission of personal data.

We have put together a number of GDPR-related resources including an eGuide covering how SDL helps its translation software users apply the principles of GDPR to their work. You'll also find details of GDPR-related apps that can be used with SDL Trados Studio.

eGuide: GDPR and Your Use of SDL Translation Software

To explain what GDPR means for your use of our translation software, we have produced a handy eGuide where you'll learn how:

  • Key GDPR concepts apply to your use of SDL software
  • To apply GDPR's privacy-by-design principle to your use of SDL software
  • To use SDL software to comply with data subject rights under GDPR
  • SDL software can help you protect personal data in line with GDPR

GDPR related apps for SDL Trados Studio


projectAnonymizer 180x180

The projectAnonymizer app adds the ability to protect data during a translation project by converting it to tags.

SDLXLIFF Anonymizer

SDLXLIFF Anonymizer

Remove user data and other administrative information from all selected SDLXLIFF documents.



Slice, change or clear SDLXLIFF files individually, within a project or a whole folder.