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使用 Online Editor 的三大原因


 订阅套餐(可以随时取消)价格低至 $9.99。 可在任何设备上在线访问,电脑、移动设备和平板电脑切换自如。


Editor 会将您满意的翻译存储在独属于您的集成式翻译记忆库中,当在新文件中再次遇到同样的内容时,您可以直接重用翻译。


如果文档中包含重复内容,那么只需翻译一次,Editor 将在文档的其余重复句段中自动沿用该翻译。

只需五步,Online Editor 即可让您的翻译更加出彩


第二步:Editor 将使用 SDL Language Cloud 机器翻译 (MT) 对您的文件进行预翻译*

*请注意:机器翻译支持 100 多个语言对。 单击此处查看完整列表





立即试用我们的 Online Editor

What people are saying about the Online Translation Editor:

Francesca Tantussi
Francesca Tantussi
Professional Translator/Proofreader
"Working as a freelance translator, I had a very tight deadline for an important and vast translation project and literally stumbled upon the SDL Online Translation Editor. Needless to say that it definitely saved my life! The Machine Translation technology lets you work faster, allowing translators to focus on accuracy, consistency and high quality. You don’t even need to have your own pc, tablet or laptop to work, because the access to the Language Cloud is possible from any device. It is user-friendly, easy and intuitive to use and, last but not least, it creates your own Translation Memory and the downloaded target document has exactly the same format as the source text, so you don’t have to worry a lot about that part of your job. The price is also competitive within the translation industry and CAT tools in general. 100% recommended!"
Francesca Tantussi
Karin Le Blanc
Karin Le Blanc
Freelance Translator
"The SDL Online Translation Editor is just what I needed. As a freelance translator English/Dutch I can use any computer and even my iPad, open my browser and start working. I love the fact that I can apply formatting while translating. The finished documents I download look great! The quality of my work has even improved after I started using this tool. Who could ask for more?"
Karin Le Blanc
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva
Technical Manager
"I really like using the Editor because it is very simple and straightforward to use. My favorite feature about it is the Translation Memory. This saves me a lot of time as I never have to translate the same sentence in my future translations. It's a useful tool for me because it keeps the layout of the document, allowing me to focus my time on translating the text."
Nelson Silva
Barbara Ripoll Sanchez
Barbara Ripoll Sanchez
Freelance Translator
"What I enjoy the most about the Online Translator Editor is that I can work anywhere. As a Mac user, this is really helpful for me. I do also like how it builds your own Translation Memory and the interface is easy to use. I have to do little formatting when creating target files so it saves me loads of hassle and time. Overall it's good for the quality and price."
Barbara Ripoll Sanchez

Learn more about the technology in the Online Translation Editor

Machine translation in the Editor

Machine translation (MT) is translation which is carried out by a machine. In this case, it is SDL’s very own MT provider – SDL Language Cloud. When uploading a file to the Editor, it will use MT to translate the file to help speed up the process as it will mean you may need to just make some amendments to these suggestions, rather than having to translate the entire document from scratch.

Once you have amended (if necessary) the suggestions provided by SDL Language Cloud, you can then save these to your very own translation memory (TM), integrated into the Editor. Please see the below drop-down box for more information about this technology.

Please note: Pre-translation of files in the SDL Online Translation Editor using MT is available in over 100 langauge pairs. Click here to see the full list

Translation memory in the Editor

The Editor includes your very own integrated translation memory (TM) which is used to store translations you are happy with so you can re-use them again in the future. You can save individual segments of your translations to the TM by using a very simple keyboard shortcut – 'CTRL + ENTER'.


  • 支持的平台 - 任何支持网页浏览的平台,包括笔记本电脑和平板电脑
  • 支持的网页浏览器 - 我们建议使用 Mozilla Firefox 或 Google Chrome
  • 支持的文件格式 – pdf、doc、docx、ppt、pptx、xlsx、txt、odt 
  • 不支持 SDL Trados 文件
  • 提供的机器翻译字符数:每月 60 万或每年 720 万,取决于您的套餐。 单击此处查看支持在 Editor 中进行 MT 预翻译的 100 多个语言对完整列表。
  • 文件上传限制 – 5MB
  • 无法导入或导出 XLIFF 或 TM 文件
  • 仅提供 100% TM 匹配供重复使用

您是否需要一款功能强大的翻译工具来翻译 SDL Trados 文件?

新版 SDL Trados Studio Freelance 是一款强大的 CAT 工具,专为自由译员设计,包含各种丰富功能,让您的自由翻译工作更上一层楼!
  • 实时预览 - 先预览文档,再下载
  • AutoSuggest - 输入时获得翻译建议
  • AutoCorrect - 自动纠错
  • 支持范围广泛的文件类型
  • 创建和使用术语库,帮助保持一致性
  • 能够导入和导出 XLIFF 与 TM 文件
  • 充分利用 TM 资源,包括模糊(部分)匹配、100% 匹配甚至上下文匹配
  • 访问 AdaptiveMT - 这是会自主学习您的译后编辑内容的机器翻译