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What are the component parts of SDL Trados GroupShare?

SDL Trados GroupShare consists of 3 components:

  • GroupShare Translation Memory - TM server
  • GroupShare Terminology using SDL MultiTerm - MultiTerm server
  • GroupShare Project - project server
GroupShare diagram

TM Server

Scalable Translation Memory Management

Deliver maximum re-use and cost savings for your translation team.

SDL Trados GroupShare Translation Memory (TM) Server is the scalable foundation for any translation environment, providing the ability to share translation memories in a flexible and intelligent way to all parties in the translation supply chain. With exponential, fast growth of translation memories, centralizing assets and collaborative working are the only ways to drive faster localization while reducing overall costs.


Concurrent access

Enabling access for hundreds of team members.

Live Updates

So that team members benefit from colleague's work in real time.


For back-up and protection of valuable intellectual property.

Integration with SDL Trados Studio

With SDL Trados GroupShare TM translators using SDL Trados Studio connect to server-based translation memories to leverage translations in real-time. They can also choose to work offline using the most up to date translation memories available. SDL Trados  GroupShare TM is a powerful server that delivers high performance translation logistics and throughput rates. Designed to support growth from small numbers to hundreds of translation memories, this high performance translation environment delivers TM transaction speeds not possible with a desktop-only environment.

With a seamless upgrade path from existing SDL systems, the upgrade wizard easily converts both file and server-based TMs. TM field settings are centralized, meaning it is simple to apply new fields and resources to TMs and distribute immediately.

MultiTerm Server

Complete Server based Terminology Management

Increase quality and ensure the whole team uses the correct client terms from the outset.

Product names, search engine keywords, technical references and legal terms are all examples of terminology that must be kept consistent. SDL Trados GroupShare MultiTerm Server provides one central location to store and manage multilingual terminology and provides access to all those involved in applying terminology to SDL Trados GroupShare terminology.

Proven Technology

Based on the reliable and proven SDL MultiTerm technology, everyone can access the allocated files and the terms assigned to them, from one central location. GroupShare MultiTerm Server allows access to terminology at any time, ensuring that the most up-to-date terms, are available from anywhere in the world.

GroupShare MultiTerm Server integration with SDL Trados Studio significantly optimizes the translation process with real-time verification of multilingual terminology. Translators can automatically apply, edit or add terminology in one familiar environment. This helps improve the efficiency of the translation process and promotes high-quality translated content.

Project Server

Enhanced collaboration for translation teams

Project Managers find they can do far more in less time with SDL Trados GroupShare. The administration of setting up, monitoring and managing people and resources is dramatically reduced when teams can self-manage. Rather than manually organizing files, chasing progress updates and creating progress reports, they can access a central 'dashboard' to check on progress.

The management features, added functionality and faster server connection you can simplify, accelerate and streamline any of your localization projects.

Secure Task Assignment

SDL Trados GroupShare enables greater control and visibility of your projects with the added benefit of secure assignment of tasks across both internal and external resources.

Translation projects can be controlled to a far greater degree with Dynamic Resource Access, as files may now be specifically allocated to a designated linguist for a particular task, rather than to an open collection of assets and autorization revoked on completion. This means Language Service Providers use one centrally-managed SDL Trados GroupShare project and are able to protect the client’s intellectual property, as external translators only have access to specific files.

With the Automatic email notification function, upon task assignment user(s) will automatically receive an email notifying them about a specific job.

Easy to use

With SDL Trados GroupShare Project Server it is easy to distribute and manage all resources while keeping up to date with progress and the project. Team members can enjoy the benefit of real-time shared TMs instantly. Project Managers using SDL Trados Studio publish the translation project files from the server, instead of manually distributing, collecting and chasing files by email and telephone. As translators and reviewers work, SDL Trados GroupShare will continually monitor and display progress while synchronizing translation files.

SDL Trados GroupShare project server does the hard work of monitoring progress and provides instant access to progress completion statistics.


Extends TM sharing to include new assets

  • Source files and reference documents are housed on the server: so they can be shared, no need to send them out
  • Live sharing of Project Settings (E.g. common QA checking).

Live progress updates

  • Reporting to track project completion
  • Version tracking of documents.

Integrate to business systems

  • REST API - develop plug-ins to third party tools
  • Edit terms and use concordance search via API.

Secure assignment and notification

  • Automatic allocation of specific files to designated individuals
  • Team members manage project workflow themselves
  • Notification via email occurs automatically.

Project archiving

  • Free space to increase performance and declutter searches of the project list
  • Continued compliance to ISO regulations.

Mobile manager

  • Create and manage projects using the browser
  • The Dashboard provides the ultimate project overview.
The prime advantage of SDL Trados GroupShare Project Server, is of course, that everything remains on the server and that changes in project (verification) settings will be applied immediately and made accessible to the appropriate users in real time. So for example, this avoids the need to resend a package if the PM realizes he/she forgot to define the verification settings during the initial project creation.