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Enjoy collaboration

  • Overall translation quality improves – using centralized and shared translation memory and terminology team members can access updates quickly and easily.
  • Faster project turnaround – everyone can access projects at any time avoiding costly time delays caused by individuals working in different time zones.
  • Reduce overall project costs – by reducing project management administration associated with distributing files.
  • Right user, right access, right time - the Dynamic Resource Access feature automatically assigns access to the project assets and revokes them when the job is done.
  • Every team member is aware of progress – real time completion status is always available within the shared project environment.
  • Skills are used in the most effective way – team members can choose which files to work on.
  • Streamlined project set up – less manual steps to create and start a project.


Sharing and team working

  • Central repository for all project files
  • Team members instantly benefit from each other's work
  • Team progress is visible to all
  • Project reports track progress
  • Team is connected

Quality and consistency

  • Centralized asset management
  • Everyone uses the correct files
  • Terminology is up to date
  • Maximum leverage

Project efficiency

  • Project files are shared from a central collaboration hub
  • Controlled document versions
  • Less file maintenance
  • Instant access to project progress via the dashboard

Security and control

  • Centralized back up of valuable translation assets
  • Centralized user management
  • Secure resource assignment
  • Capacity to manage all sizes of team
  • When everything is stored on a central collaboration hub, you can back up and protect your files regularly. It’s also completely secure. And as your team grows a centralized solution means you can continue to add users with no performance problems.

Benefits for your translation business

  • Reduce project delays – the whole team can access files, self-service, at any time
  • Efficient use of resources – removes dependency on a specific person
  • Better quality and more consistent translation – through collaborative resource sharing
  • Faster project delivery – reduces manual file handling and errors
  • Data protection – secure transfer of data within the server network
  • Fewer mistakes – consistently share the correct assets for a more reliable translation process
  • Lower total cost of ownership – a simpler solution to manage due to a common deployment infrastructure
  • Confidence – proven Terminology and TM centralization solutions.

Benefits for project managers

  • More time available – eliminates project packages so you can focus on project management and not the file administration
  • A more productive team – the collaborative environment drives team success
  • Motivated team members – everyone sees their peers progress
  • Dynamic resource assignment – automated secure access to projects assets 
  • Greater control over workload – centralize visibility of status for multiple projects
  • Proactively manage projects – quickly identify bottlenecks and blockages
  • Control on the move – use the GroupShare 2017 website on any device to manage projects

Benefits for translators

  • Focus on translation – less time managing files and packages
  • Confidence in translation assets – always use the latest, most up to date versions 
  • Less isolation – greater visibility of progress makes it easier to work as part of a team
  • More flexibility – translation files and resources are accessible at any time
  • No new tools to learn – accessed through SDL Trados Studio, there is only one environment to work in
  • No distractions – less administration and reporting means you can focus on the core skill of translation