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Practical tips for Freelance translators

Empower yourself with expert knowledge to help boost your career 

Time management and productivity strategies for freelance translators

Corinne McKay


During this webinar, Corinne McKay will help you to develop practical ways to gain control of your schedule and set habits that create major changes over time.

Strategies for a long lasting, thriving career as a freelance translator

Tess Whitty


Join Tess Whitty in this webinar for tips on how to 'future proof' your business, protect and improve your business assets and motivation, as well as create a practical strategy for the future.

The art of conventional and virtual networking

Judy Jenner 200x200


It is beneficial for linguists to network, but how are you supposed to do this, exactly? Join Judy Jenner in this webinar for tips about how to get the most from networking!

10 habits of highly successful translators

Judy Jenner 200x200


Watch this webinar to discover the top ten habits of successful linguists. This webinar focuses on customer service, communication skills, negotiating, computer proficiency, networking, and more.

How to take your freelance translation business to the next level

Marian Greenfield 200x200


Join Marian S. Greenfield for ideas on how to improve your freelance translation business by focusing on the skills required for running a top-of-the-market translation business.

Why freelance translators can't survive without technology any more

Jerzy Czopik 200x200


Can you really survive as a language professional without the use of any technology? Watch this webinar with Jerzy Czopik to discover the importance of technology for freelance translators.

Typing tips for translators



This webinar will give you keyboard tips and techniques to improve your typing.

Habits of highly successful translators

Judy Jenner 200x200


What habits do you have? Discover some of the key habits that will help a translator succeed in the industry.

Ramping up your freelance business



Find out the importance of your position in the market, marketing investments, how to main good client relationships and more.