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Marketing Advice

Energize your freelance translation business with marketing tips from the experts

Three ways to find your first translation clients

Corinne McKay


Clients don't want to hire people with no experience, but how do you get experience if no one will hire you? During this webinar, Corinne McKay focuses on strategies that will help!

Why freelance translators should consider blogging



Whether it's to provide your specialist knowledge, give advice or write about an event, blogging is an effective way to enhance your freelance business and share your experiences.

Tips and tricks for Freelance Translators to optimize their website

Tess Whitty


This session will show you easy tips for designing a website, what content to include for linguists and how to make your website more visible online by using simple SEO tactics.

How to create a marketing plan for your freelance business



This webinar provides a template for a short marketing plan to help you stand out among your competitors to get more clients.

How to break into the direct-to-client market



Learn how to find direct clients and untapped niches within the translation industry to target and make contact with.

Easy to implement digital marketing strategies for Freelance translators



Learn how to create an appealing online presence without spending a lot of time or money.

4 ways a translator can help make a website awesome



Translators can use translation, terminology and SEO skills to help create a high quality, multilingual website.

How can you use social media to enhance your freelance business

Social Media


This blog explores how Twitter and LinkedIn can be best used for your freelance translation business

Setting up a freelance translation website



Read this article for a guide to creating your first website to advertise your freelance translation services.

The Freelance translators guide to LinkedIn



Read about how LinkedIn is ideal for Freelance translators due to its aim to connect people.

Grow your freelance translation business with Twitter

Twitter Bird


Read this article to understand how Twitter can be used to promote your Freelance translation services.