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Excite potential and existing clients

Build relationships and a great résumé

How to negotiate with potential and existing clients whilst maintaining good relationships

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Learn new strategies and perfect your skills when it comes to negotiating in order to keep good business relationships with your clients.

How to write an attention grabbing resume for translation agencies

Corinne McKay


Discover what is necessary to include on your resume in order to catch a potential client's attention.

Let's talk about pricing for freelance translation work

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Read this article to understand how to set rates for your freelance translation work.

How to set freelance translation rates to achieve your earning goals

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Read this article for tips on how to set your rates that will help you achieve your earning goals.

Conflict and resolution: Dealing with unreasonable customers

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Read this article for advice on how to handle difficult situations and the best ways to resolve them. 

How do agencies select freelance translators for projects?



Mark Robinson, Managing Director of a successful LSP - Alexika - considers the need for a professional approach, academic background, specific language skills and more.

Pricing strategies for Translators and Interpreters

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This webinar includes an overview of demand and supply, the business case against free translation tests, surcharges, adversity, adjustments for inflation and more.