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The art of conventional and virtual networking – how to get the most from it

27 juin 2017
16:00 1 h
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You’ve heard it before: linguists are supposed to network to grow their circle of influence and to increase the number of potential clients, but how are you supposed to do this, exactly? What’s the best way to ask a potential client to lunch? Should you have a glass of wine at a networking event? And what are you supposed to talk about while you are there? And what about online networking: is it really worth the trouble? The speaker will address all these issues and more and answer all your networking questions as well.

Please note this webinar will be delivered in English.

Featured Speaker

Judy Jenner Circle

Judy Jenner is a highly experienced small business owner in the languages industry and runs Twin Translations, a boutique translation and interpreting business, with her twin sister, Dagmar. She’s a federally certified Spanish court interpreter, a spokesperson for the American Translators Association, and the co-author of the business book for linguists, The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation, which has sold more than 3,500 copies around the world.
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