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Future-proofing your translation business - strategies for a long lasting, thriving career as a freelance translator

Apr 19 2017
4:00 PM 1 h

The phrase 'future-proofing' refers to the ability of something to retain its value long into the distant future. This relates to a business as something you’re building now that will thrive for a long time, without leading to unhappiness and/or stress. Is your translation business 'future-proof'? This presentation will focus on three points to 'future-proof' your business, protecting and improving your business assets (translation skills, continuing education, finances), protecting your motivation and balance (focus, mindset, and self-care) and creating a practical strategy for the future of your business.

Please note this webinar will be delivered in English.

Featured Speaker

Tess Whitty Circle

Tess Whitty is an English-Swedish freelance translator specializing in corporate communications, software and IT. Before she became a translator she studied and worked with marketing, and is now also a popular speaker and trainer at conferences, sharing her knowledge and experience in marketing and building a freelance business. She is the author of the book “Marketing Cookbook for Translators”, producer of the award winning podcast “Marketing Tips for Translators” and the creator of the Complete Marketing Course for Translators. For more information, and to connect, go to
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