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Benefits for Students and Graduates

Your first step on the path to becoming a localization professional

SDL Trados Studio is the translation tool of choice for government organizations, corporate localization teams, language service providers and freelance translators around the world – if your academic institution teaches SDL Trados Studio as part of their language course then you have already taken the first step towards a career in localization. 

The core component of SDL Trados Studio is the translation memory (TM). You will learn that a TM is a valuable asset that can be applied to your translations so that you never have to translate the same content twice. You can create as many TMs as you wish, for instance, to use with specific languages, industries or clients and you will soon see the added benefit a TM brings in increased speed and consistency. You may even be able to work on building your first translation memory which you can take with you from student to localization professional.

Student Software License Discounts

During your course, you may wish to get ahead by purchasing your own personal license for SDL Trados Studio – we can help you do this with student discounts.

As a student you are eligible for this discounted rate on proof of student status and also for one year after graduation. Create your own SDL Account today using your personal email address and get ready to download your SDL Trados Studio software.

FREE SDL Certification Courseware and examinations

SDL offers certification of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool competency. Students have the opportunity to gain this industry recognized qualification through a series of online professional training courses developed by SDL certified trainers. The training courses are free to students and are presented in modular format and each module has an associated examination. Modules range from beginner to advanced and on successful completion of an examination, the students are awarded SDL Certified status.

The SDL certification courseware material is provided to the academic institutions, in the form of workbooks and sample files, to help prepare coursework for students prior to the SDL exam.

We also supply an approved certificate which can be used to support job applications and to supplement CVs.

SDL Graduate Scheme

Already graduated? Just become a Freelance Translator? You can still take advantage of a discounted SDL Trados Studio license if you are within 12 months of your graduation date.

SDL Internship

Upon completion of certification, SDL Certified Graduates are eligible to apply for SDL Internships at our SDL Network offices. Contact us for more information.

Top student award winners

Lecturers across the world have chosen their top students to win an SDL Trados Studio 2017 license. Here are some of the winners and what they think of SDL Trados Studio 2017.
  • Elena Pochanina
    Herzen University
    I'm very glad to have been certified because not anyone can have such opportunity. This certificate is going to be of great help in my future career, and I'd like to thank T-Service for their support of students! Besides, I want to express my gratitude to SDL for granting me with a free licence of SDL Trados Studio, this is an incredible gift for a future translator, thank you so much!
  • Giulia Limbrici
    University of Essex
    We learned how to use SDL Trados during our classes and it was amazing to learn how much this programme can help translators in their work. Receiving this prize is a wonderful first step to start my career as a translator!
  • Ignazia Posadinu
    Director of MA programmes in Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling
    University of Essex
    This has meant a lot to our students who will be using this important translation tool professionally as freelance or in-house translators. Initially, students were quite skeptical about the need to become proficient users of Computer Aided Technology, but now they use it every day and they are very happy with it.
  • Shuo Li
    University of Essex
    As a Chinese-English translation and interpreting student, SDL Trados has provided me with great help in my study. I felt extremely honoured to receive this licence. I want to thank our lovely teacher Ignazia for making this learning experience so interesting and enjoyable.
  • Tatiana Belekhova
    Herzen University
    SDL Trados Studio Certification for Translators allowed me to gain new knowledge and improve my skills in using the most popular CAT-tool in the translation industry. I'm also very happy to get the free SDL Trados Studio 2017 license. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!
  • Xiaomei An
    University of Sheffield
    Thanks SDL for the free SDL Trados Studio license. I will work as a freelancer translator for some localization companies. I have been using SDL Trados since 2008 and it is really helpful for improving productivity. The new cloud feature makes it easier for the translators to work together. SDL does an amazing job to keep Trados updated!
  • Viviana Lugnan
    Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut München
    I became acquainted with SDL Trados Studio at the University. I immediately realised that it was essential for a translator because it renders the work easier and faster. Now, thanks to the free licence, I can also use it at home. I am convinced that it will help me to make my dream of becoming a translator in the technical field come true.
  • Katerina Konsta
    Metafrasi Translator Training Centre
    SDL Trados Studio is very user-friendly. It will assist me a lot in my first steps as a translator. I am grateful that I have been granted a license for such a powerful tool!
  • Paola Ghezzi
    Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori “A.Spinelli”
    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to have this extremely useful tool! SDL Trados Studio helps translators, making their work simpler and faster. I’m sure it will be a valuable tool in my future working career.
  • Eleonora Modena
    Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori “A.Spinelli”
    I'm very grateful for the licence I've been awarded with. I find SDL Trados Studio extremely useful and I will definitely use this CAT tool in my career as a translator.
  • Ed Robinson
    University of Sheffield
    At the moment, I don't know where my Translation Studies MA will take me, but wherever I end up working, I know that being able to use Trados Studio will be very useful. I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to SDL for providing me with this opportunity!
  • Caroline Lemineur
    Université de Mons
    Technologies which facilitate the translation process are becoming more and more important nowadays and are therefore a must-have for professional translators. As I am about to enter my last year at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Mons, I am really grateful to receive a SDL Studio 2017 license. In the future, I hope to develop my knowledge of these softwares and use them to improve the quality of my translations.
  • Agnes Gerbl
    Euro Fachakademie Ingolstadt
    From September on I will be attending a British university in order to study for a Master's degree in Interpreting and Translation. I'm sure that SDL Trados will be very useful during my time at university and afterwards, as Trados is the market leader when it comes to CAT-tools. So thank you, SDL, for this amazing opportunity!
  • Svetlana Kalinina
    Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
    I'm happy to start my professional career path this year with such a powerful tool in my hands. As a graduate of Peter the Great Polytechnic University and a freelance technical translator, I know all the struggles one might face while working with technical documentation, such as lexical unification and standardized format. During our practical classes at the University I realised that Trados allows us to overcome these difficulties, and I hope to use its advantages to the fullest potential in my professional activity.